It is most important to recognize the invaluable contributions of the Mautic community. The community is the heart and soul of Mautic and without the many volunteers dedicating their time, Mautic would not be possible. Below are the current appointed core team to help provide guidance and direction.

Overall Organization

The Mautic Core team is divided into 5 groups. Each team member can belong to only one group at a time. Any privilege listed for a particular group is also available to all higher priority groups.

The Mautic Core groups, in descending order of priority are as follows:

1. Project Leader
The project leader elects members into any other group, oversees project vision and direction, and makes decisions on proposed changes. The project leader listens to the counsel of trusted advisors and individuals respected for their contributions to Mautic.

2. Release Leader
The release leader is responsible for a particular major version release and implementing the project’s vision as it relates to a release.

3. Core Committers
The core committers are a small team that review proposed changes and have commit access to the core repository. These core committers are selected by the project leader based on their previous experience and project involvement.

4. Maintainers
The maintainers are individuals who have a level of responsibility over a particular area of the project (for example a particular Mautic Bundle). Maintainers are appointed by the project leader. Core contributors who have made substantial contributions may apply for maintainer status by writing the project leader.

5. Core Contributors
Core contributors are those individuals who assist in other areas of the project including patch contributions, documentation, translations and other key services for the Mautic core. Contributions are peer-reviewed and decided upon by the core committers, release leader, or project leader. Code contributions can be submitted by anyone.

Active Core Members

Project Leader:
David Hurley (@dbhurley)
Release Leader:
1.0 – Alan Hartless (@alanhartless)
Core Committers:
Michael Babker (@mbabker)
John Linhart (@jan_linhart)
Júlio Pontes (@juliopontes)
Chad Windnagle (@drmmr763)
John Pozy
Core Contributors:
Alex Allred (@alexallred)